HP Officejet 5610 All-In-One InkJet Printer - I have no computer connection with my printer


I have a HP officejet 5610si All-in-One printer. I just got my computer back from being repaired. (virus) Now when I go to print, the screen on my printer says, "There is no computer connection. Refer to device doncumentation to troulbeshoot, press ok." I noticed that I do not have a printer icon on the lower right hand side of my computer screen.(it was there prior to my computer problems) I have checked the connections and they seem to be properly installed. What should I try next?

  1. First step is to make sure your printer is on and as you stated plugged into the computer, and re-boot to see if windows installs the drivers for that printer, if not go to the site below:


    Chose which verison of windows you are running and click on that then dowload and run!

    Note: this is the Hp site for that printer model for future use i would add to the favorites/borwser for future use!